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  Base Information
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  Product introduction

   RS485 to RS232 communication converter, photoelectric isolated  interface converter 
   Interface feature: port  compatible with EIA / TIA RS-232C, RS-485/RS-422 standard
   Supply voltage: DC9-36V

   Electrical Interface: RS-232C interface DB9 hole connector, RS-422/RS-485 interface  four
                         terminals, power  interface two  terminals

   Transmission media: twisted pair or shielded wire

   Working mode: asynchronous half-duplex or full-duplex asynchronous

   Signal indication: three signal lights indicate TXD, RXD, and POWER

   Isolation: isolation voltage 3500VRMS, 500VDC continuous

   Transfer rate: 115.2K BPS to 300M; 38.4K BPS to 2.4KM; 9600 BPS to 5KM

   Degree of protection: RS-232 interface +15 KV ESD protection, RS-422/RS-485 interface
                                          each 600W lightning  surge protection
   Transmission distance: 0-5 km  (115200-300BPS)

   Size: 115mmx72mmx25mm
   Operating environment: -25 ° C to 70 ° C, relative humidity: 5% to 95% 
   Mounting: Surface or DIN rail
   Ingress Protection:     IP20

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